Blogging from the Edge

This is Susan Albertine’s blog.  It is devoted to liberal education and democracy.  I could say liberal education for democracy.  Now at a point in history when both liberal education and democracy are shaking off a whole lot of complacency, many educators are bracing and scrambling, trying to figure out what next.  That’s a good time to speak up, own one’s worry, explore what it feels like and what it means to be blogging from the edge.

Looking ahead, vertigo and all, I want to explore topics related to innovation in colleges and universities of all types.  I am making that exploration because I believe in the values of a pluralistic democracy. Liberal education ought to be for everybody, no less while we are in the midst of change, no less while so many people feel unsettled.

While I am employed as a senior scholar at the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U;, what I write here is my own.

Navigation tip: The “category” drop-down box below has a link to “Democracy.” That is where I am posting short-form observations, beginning with lessons I learned while traveling in Iran for two weeks in late 2016.

The picture: ceiling of music room at the Ali Qapu palace on Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Esfahan, Iran.  I took the picture in December 2016.

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