First Post

This is my first post for Open Learning.  I’ve created a blog and am now linking my posts by a feed to the Open Learning collectivist MOOC.  This cMOOC is an  experiment organized by the Virginia Open Learning initiative as part of a project with the Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U;  The easy way to understand:  This cMOOC will try an experiment in community building for academics who are devoted to general and liberal education and who want to collaborate in using open education resources.  It’s a crossover project, a boundary-crossing project.  I am hoping that the collective of people who join the MOOC will make discoveries together.  If we do, we can advance liberal education for all students by working within a larger community of educators than we may have been reaching.  It’s all about liberal education, inclusive pedagogies, and open learning together.  That sounds easier than it is going to be!

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