Is It the Edge of Democracy?

 Zen Garden, Nanzen-ji, Kyoto (my photo)

Reflection, Spring 2018 

A year later, I am still trying to find my way,  living for and loving democracy, in a country and world increasingly authoritarian.  Two ideas are working in my head, fueled by disgust and dismay, which I am determined to turn into positive action.  Disgust with the  current administration has led me to observe that Trump is a symptom, not a cause.  I think pluralistic democracy needs citizenly grassroots leadership.  Individuals have to do things and say things, daily things, to serve. Disgust with Facebook makes me think about freedom of expression and the press, and that prompts a return to this blog.  Blogs offer hope for people who want to use social media in a way that is open and responsible.  I will therefore start blogging again, for myself and for whatsoever record it produces, in my own voice.


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